​​​​​​​​The  Union House Restaurant & Bar

(216) 635-0809

(216) 635-0809

    ​​             Friday  Menu


 Dressings: House - Italian - Blue Cheese - French - Ranch 
 Honey Mustard - Thousand Island - Raspberry Vinaigrette

  Clam Chowder.....................

 Bowl $3.75   or   Cup $3.00

 Steamed Mussels                         $7.00

 Grilled Chicken Salad                   $8.50

 Tuna Salad                                   $7.00

 Chicken Caesar Salad                  $8.50


 Choose from Potato Cheese,Sweet Cheese,or Sauerkraut

$.75 each( min. order of 2)                                    

  Served with Onions & Butter

  Sour cream  optional.



   All served with fries and cole slaw.

  Parma's Best Fish Fry for over 14 years !  

  Fish Fry Dinner                       $9.95    

 1/2 Fish Fry Dinner                  $6.00

 Piece of Fish                             $8.00

 Shrimp Dinner                           $9.00

 Scallop Dinner                           $9.00

 Seafood Platter                         $11.95
 Battered and fried fish, scallops, oysters and shrimp

 Crab Cake Dinner                        $8.00

 Shrimp Basket                               $5.25
 Popcorn Shrimp served with fries 

 Adult Chicken Tenders Only          $4.75
 With Ranch or Honey Mustard add $.25

 Kids Chicken Tenders with fries     $3.50
 with Ranch or Honey Mustard add $.25

 Sandwiches served w/chips
         Substitute Fries add $1.50

 Fish Sandwich                          $5.50
 Served with chips

 Tuna Melt with Chips                 $5.50

 Grilled Cheese                          $4.50
 Served with chips
 Chicken Club w/chips                $6.50

 B.L.T.  w/chips                           $5.95

 Grilled Chicken Sandwich
 w/chips                                       $6.50

 Grilled to order and served with chips.  

  Substitute fries - $1.50

 1/2 lb. Union Burger               $5.50

 1/4 lb. Hamburger                   $3.75
 Add cheese - .50
 Add lettuce, tomato, onion or pickles - .25 ea
 Patty Melt                                  $7.25
 1/2 lb Union House on toasted rye,layered with grilled onions and melted Swiss and American cheese.      

 Western Burger                          $7.95
 1/2 lb Union Burger topped with melted cheddar, BBQ, and  onion rings.

 Italian Burger                               $7.95
Hand-made,specially-seasoned 1/2lb Union House Burger topped with melted mozzarella, salami, lettuce, tomato.

 Add marinara -.25

  BEVERAGES            $1.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi Ginger Ale, 7 up,

  Cherry Soda.

 Lemonade                  $2.00

 Hot Tea & Coffee       $1.25

 Ice Tea                       $1.50

           Drink Specials

​    During all Browns and Ohio State Games

​     Except when band playing

​                    ​​​​​​​​​APPETIZERS

 Shrimp Basket                           $5.25

 Broccoli Cheese Bites                $ 4.95

 Mozzarella Sticks                        $4.95 

 Breaded Mushrooms                   $4.25

 Nachos Supreme                         $5.95
 With meat                                     $6.95

 Onion Rings                                 $3.95  

 Chicken Tenders                         $4.75

 Jalepeno Poppers                       $4.95

 Steamed Mussels                        $7.00

 Basket of Fries                            $ 3.50

 Side of Fries                                $1.75

 Cheese................................       $6.25
 Chicken................................      $7.25

 Bacon Cheese Fries                    $4.25

 Sampler                                       $8.95
 2 Poppers, Onion Rings.
 Brocc Bites, Mozz Sticks,
 Breaded Mushrooms and Chic Tenders
 Served with marinara and your choice of Ranch, Honey Mustard,  Blue chesse, or BBQ

 Kids Chicken Tenders                   $3.50
 Two Chicken tenders with fries
 Add Ranch or Honey Mustard .25    


 $6.95 per dozen    or    $3.95 1/2 dozen

 Hot, Medium, Mild, Insanity, Teriyaki, BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Honey  Mustard, Dry
 Hot Cajun, Hot Garlic, Garlic Parmesan, or Buffalo Ranch

 Add Celery and Blue Cheese or Ranch for an additional    $1.25


 Ask about our Daily Specials!

 Served from 11:00 am -  9:00 pm

 Rib Dinner
 Served with Cole Slaw and Fries

 Full Slab......................  $ 15.95
 Half Slab......................  $  9.95


 Dressings: House, Italian, - Blue Cheese - French Ranch     Honey Mustard - Thousand Island and Raspberry Vinaigrette.

 Soup of the Day

 Cup............................    $2.50
 Bowl............................   $3.00 

 Chili by Doug (Seasonal)
 Cup $ 3.50  or Bowl   $4.00

 add onions, cheese and sour cream .25 ea.


 Tuna Salad                                $7.00

 Chicken Ceasar Salad               $8.50

 Grilled Chicken Salad                $8.50

 Side Salad                                  $3.50

 All sandwiches served with chips.

 Substitute fries -  $1.50

 Grilled Chicken Sandwich              $6.50

 Turkey Club                                    $6.95

 Chicken Club                                  $6.50

 Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato              $5.95

 Tuna Melt                                        $5.50

 Grilled Cheese                                $4.50


 All Wraps served with chips. Substitute fries - $1.50

 Grilled Chicken Wrap                       $6.00

 Chicken Tender Wrap                       $6.50

 Turkey Wrap                                      $6.00

 Ham & Cheese Wrap                        $6.00

 Gyro                                                   $7.00

 Kosher Dog                                        $3.50


 All burgers are cooked to order and served with chips.
 Substitute fries  $1.50

  1/2 lb. Union Burger  $5.50                              
   Served with Chips. add .50 for cheese

 1/4 lb. Hamburger  $3.75
 Served with Chips.

 Add Lettuce, tomato, onion, or pickles - .25 ea

 Patty Melt   $7.25
 A 1/2 lb Union Burger on toasted rye, layered with grilled onions,  and melted Swiss and American cheese.

 Western Burger                  $7.95

 1/2 lb Union Burger topped with melted cheddar, BBQ, and onion  rings.

 Itailian Burger                    $7.95

 Hand-made, specially seasoned 1/2 lb Union Burger topped with  melted mozzarella, salami, lettuce, and tomato.

 Add marinara - .25

 BEVRAGES                        $1.50
 Coke,Diet Coke,Pepsi,Diet Pepsi
 Ginger Ale,7-Up,Cherry Soda

 Lemonade                                 $2.00
 Hot tea & Coffee                       $1.25
 Ice tea                                       $1.50

Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry,seafood,shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-bourn illness,especially if you have medical conditions

  All prices subject to change without notice

menu                   (216) 635-0809


                 Weekly  Specials

 Home Made Daily specials are available for dine-in or  carry out.

 There are only a limited quantity of Home Made Specials  available, so call early to get your order placed.

(216) 635-0809

Served from 11:00 am  till  9:00 pm

 Call to see what today's special is!  You'll be glad you did.


               Other Specials are       

 Monday      -   Mussels   .30 ea
 Tuesday      -   Tacos   $1.50 ea  Soft or Hard
 Wednesday   -  Wings  .40 ea Dozen min order.  

 Thursday       -   Steak Dinner   $11.95

                              includes potatoe, salad and a roll.

These Specials are available from 4:00 p.m  till 10:00 p.m.
                                      Dine in only

                Happy Hour   3 pm - 7 pm

                Monday thru Thursday
                Domestic Bottle Beer $2.00

   Remember Our Famous Friday Fish Fry's

  All prices subject to change without notice